Agreement within 5 working days

Agreement within 5 working days

Following your appointment and after collection of all documents for your financing request, your advisor at Private Rate will request presentation of your full file to a selected banking partner in the shortest time possible.

Your agreement within 5 working days : absolute efficiency

To supply you with an agreement for up to 1 million euros of financing within 5 working days, your advisor at Private Rate will excel efficiently and reactively.

Assembling the application for financing :

  • Review of documents : your specialist in real estate loans studies the set of documents you’ve provided to constitute your borrower profile.
  • Assembling the application: your financing file is diligently prepared to be presented to a banking partner. A complete application consists of your information, including ID, professional activity, revenues, assets, liabilities, and generally the sales contract for the property acquisition that is the basis for the financing request.
  • Financing strategy : The final step in presenting your financing file to a banking partner, your expert at Private Rate structures a financing plan, calculating the various ratios that would allow our partners to issue an opinion on the request.
  • Presentation of the file :  the financing file is directed to the property financing departments of our banking partners. For large amounts of financing, a specific committee intervenes after the first financing department to decide definitively on the file. With the services of Private Rate, our teams are directly connected to the competent services of financial institutions, which allow us to have expedient exchanges with them.
  • Financing Agreement : our partner issues an agreement on your file. Before doing so, they may also request additional documents to complete their analysis of your file.

Following a positive response to your financing request, Private Rate advisors set up your borrower insurance.