Support for real estate financing request within 4 hours

Support for real estate financing request within 4 hours

Your time is a luxury

Because your time is precious, we put all of our effort into providing you with an excellent service, starting with receiving the first call within 4 hours from your request and without any commitment on your part.(2)

A starting point of our relationship

From the first telephone call, our experts in real estate loans at Private Rate will collect your personal information, information about your project, and verify your eligibility for available offers.

They then may propose a financing strategy that is best adapted to your request. This strategy is built by taking into consideration all of your needs and expectations, specifics of your project, ancillary costs such as notary costs, guaranties and intermediations. At the end of this key stage, they build a financing plan, evaluate insurance costs and determine with you your best plan.

They may offer you an appointment within 48 hours at the place of your choice, anywhere in France or in the biggest European cities. They will also provide the list of documents that allow the constitution of your financing file through our services.

(1) Working hours from 9am to 6pm CET.  (2) In accordance with the article L519-6 of the monetary and financial code and of the article L321-2 of the consumer code: «No payment in any kind shall be requested from an individual, before obtaining of one or several loans».