Loan duration calculator

The loan duration calculator allows you to calculate, easily and quickly, the repayment term of the mortgage. Simply fill in the loan amount, the desired loan repayment and its interest rate.

Calculate the duration of your loan

To calculate the duration of your repayments in a precise way, do not hesitate to vary the interest rate of the mortgage according to the duration of your loan. To help you with your calculation, consult our chart of average rates.

How does the loan duration calculator work?

To calculate the repayment term of your mortgage, you must enter the desired monthly repayment, the interest rate, and the amount borrowed, which is the price of the property you wish to buy, to which must be added the various ancillary costs, less the contribution you provide for the transaction.

Why calculate the repayment term of your mortgage?

With our loan duration calculator, you have the opportunity to know the maturity of the loan and to calculate the optimal duration for your mortgage according to the amount borrowed and the monthly repayments desired. Our calculator allows you, when you already know the price of the property you want to buy and you know the amount of your monthly repayments, to calculate the ideal duration for your loan. The result of this calculation will guide you in your decisions for your property project. The repayment term plays an important role in the calculation of your debt and it is important to know the number of repayments before embarking on a property acquisition. Our loan duration calculator is free to use and without obligation. The result of this calculation will help you in the progress of your project. For more information, you have our monthly repayment calculator and our loan amount calculator.