Loan repayment calculator : calculating your monthly repayment

The loan repayment calculator allows you to calculate, easily and quickly, the monthly repayment amount of your mortgage. Simply fill in the amount of the loan, the desired duration of the loan and its interest rate.

Calculate your monthly repayment

For a fairly accurate calculation of the amount of the monthly repayment of your mortgage, do not hesitate to vary the loan rate when using our calculator. You can also check our rate chart, updated regularly, to find the average interest rate.

How does the calculator calculate the amount of the monthly repayment?

To calculate the amount of the monthly repayment, you must enter the amount borrowed for your real estate project (purchase of your house, purchase of your apartment, purchase of your land, etc …), the duration of the mortgage (most often between 10 and 25 years) and finally the interest rate. To help you in this calculation, check out our mortgage rates.

Why calculate the monthly repayment amount of a mortgage?

Thanks to the monthly repayment calculator, you have the possibility of calculating in a precise way the monthly repayment amount for your loan. You have the freedom to adjust all the elements of your calculation to find the best solution for your property financing project. If you have already found the house or apartment of your dreams and you know the price, you have the opportunity to vary the duration of the loan so that the monthly repayment is best suited to your situation and your needs. The mortgage repayment calculation is one of the first steps in your search for financing. The purpose of this calculator is also to guide you in choosing an optimal mortgage duration for your project.

Use of our monthly repayment calculator is free and the result of this calculation will help you in the progress of your project. For complete information, you also have our loan amount calculator and loan duration calculator available.