French mortgage advisors

We are a Paris-based team of mortgage brokers and the international financing agency of La Centrale de Financement.  As part of one of France largest mortgage brokerage firms, we have partnerships with all major national and local French banks and may be able to obtain conditions which are better suited to your project than many other brokers, including those based in the UK.  Our team is dedicated to non-resident mortgage applications, so we are well-placed to guide you throughout your financing and purchase project.

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Kim BINGHAM – Head of International Markets

Fluent in English, French and Italian, I have worked with international buyers in sourcing and financing property in France as a search consultant and as a property agent for four years prior to heading up the team at Private Rate. Coming from a Canadian-American background, I develop business relationships with clients and financial and real estate professionals across the world to assist in securing financing for property purchase.


Kim BINGHAM - French mortgage advisor at

Stéphane BRIERE – Deputy director of International Markets

I have dual Franco-American citizenship and I am fully bilingual.

Following 10 years in Communication and Marketing for major groups in the USA, I now have over 12 years of professional experience in France as an Intermediary in Banking and Insurance Operations to find customized solutions to finance expatriate and non-resident clients.


Stéphane BRIERE - French mortgage advisor at

Emily FOURIE – International Mortgage Broker

I have 8 years’ experience as a France based mortgage broker for non-resident clients. Previously, I worked in England for 7 years in the field of commercial insurance brokerage for large global structures (Airbus, L’Oréal, Vosper Thornycroft). I have Dual Nationality French / English and am totally bilingual.  I also have a Bachelor’s degree  (BA Honors) from the University of Lancaster, United Kingdom. I have been schooled in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom – and therefore I have an appreciation of different cultures and I adapt quickly to changing environments.


Emily FOURIE - French mortgage advisor at

Eric NKOUKA – International Mortgage Broker

Having experienced the tricky situation of getting a french mortgage as a non-resident buyer in France after spending more than a decade in the United Kingdom where I graduated from Salford University (Bsc computer science) and had more than 10 years professional experience, I decided to go back to National School of real estate financement (ENFI) in France from Crédit Foncier Bank where I did qualify as an intermerdiary in Banking operations and did join Private Rate as an international broker to provide effective solutions to expatriate and non-resident buyers.


Eric NKOUKA - French mortgage advisor at

Meryl FERON – International Mortgage Broker

I am British and have been a mortgage and insurance broker for 3 years.  Prior to this I worked in the luxury hotel industry, dealing with high end clients where excellent client service was a must.


Meryl FERON - French mortgage advisor at

Naïma BOULAHDRT – International Mortgage Broker

Graduate of the Master in Marketing, Management and Communication Sciences from Toulouse Business School.
Double nationality  Franco-Moroccan, trilingual French, Arabic and English. After 10 years of experience in the banking sector, including 6 years in the Non-resident Customer Relationship, Impatriate and expatriate , I decided to join the international team of Private Rate in order answer to all needs of non-resident investors in France


Naïma BOULAHDRT - French mortgage advisor at

Tetiana ONUFRIIENKO – International Mortgage Broker

With my Eastern European background I am aware of the peculiarities of real estate business in the region. I am bilingual in Russian and Ukrainian. I am also fluent in French and English. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Paris Sud University (2019) and a Master’s Degree in International Economics (2008). I have experience as a luxury mortgage broker and real estate agent for residents of Ukraine. I am resourceful, well-organised and adaptable.


Tetiana ONUFRIIENKO - French mortgage advisor at

It is always a pleasure to meet our clients, however, we understand that you may not have the time and we may not be based near your purchase. Our clients buy all over France’s beautiful and varied regions, from Paris to the Alps, the Cote d’Azur, the Dordogne, Bordeaux etc.  All of our exchanges can be done remotely via phone, email and video chat.As brokers, we have an overall view of the banking options available to your personal project.  We can help you avoid losing time, applying to banks who do not accept non-resident clients or the type of property you are buying. All our banking partners accept non-French documents and have the capacity to analyze non-French tax returns, payslips etc. Depending on the language, there may be a request to translate into English or French.