Appointment with a dedicated specialist within 48 hours to discuss your project

Your specialist at Private Rate

Appointment with a dedicated specialist within 48 hours to discuss your project

Getting assistance with services from Private Rate is, first of all, to have a dedicated real estate loan expert for your project. A specialist who is accustomed in financing of prestigious property and in accompanying exceptional clients.  The one who masters the acquisition of luxury products: such as a luxurious apartment, or an artist atelier, a country house, a chalet, a guest house, a castle, a farmhouse, a historical monument, a penthouse, a mansion, a manor house, a loft or an architectural home.

To give you the best service for your financing, following your first interview, an individual appointment with a real estate loan expert of Private Rate can be discussed.

Appointment within 48 hours

Your expert at Private Rate meets with you at the place of your choice. The place of the meeting is fixed at your convenience anywhere in France and in the larger European cities.

Process of an appointment :

  • Adjustment: the expert at Private Rate can adjust the financing plan to your request before submitting it to the lending institutions.
  • Presentation of the financing plan: your advisor at Private Rate provides you a simulation of your financing plan and reimbursement schedule. They will also explain to you in detail the specifics of your financing plan, ancillary costs for your project and for the intermediation.
  • Support and control of the various components of your financing file. Verification of your file’s completeness and conformity is to reassure you that your advisor has all the required documents to be able to build your file.
  • Signature of the mortgage broker mandate: The mortgage broker mandate allows us to present you to the financial institutions, where you will find a set of guarantees brought to you that enable us to carry on our business in terms of regulations and consumer protection.(1)

Following this appointment, we are committed to obtain an agreement for your financing within 5 days.

(1) Calls at working hours from 9am to 6pm CET. (2) In accordance with the article L519-6 of the monetary and financial code and of the article L321-2 of the consumer code: «No payment in any kind shall be requested from an individual, before obtaining of one or several loans».