French mortgage rates for January 2021

Will the New Year 2021 be a “Déjà Vu” of 2020 ?

At the start of 2021, rates are staying at low levels as banks are increasingly relying on mortgages to attract new clients.

Solvent candidates could greatly benefit from this current business strategy while the real estate market remains sluggish.

French lenders are searching for visibility on their potential clients’ project but they are also looking for clients willing to invest funds in their newly opened bank account.

This private banking approach, combined with the low rates may not last forever.

An inflationary economic recovery period could follow a temporarily post Covid-19 catching-up period and force an increase in rates for the second half of this year.

I wish you the very best for 2021. Good health, strength to make a difference around you and success.

Current mortgage rates for January 2021

Fixed rate(1)  Term Monthly repayment

for 10 000€ borrowed

1.10% 10 years / 120 months 88.04€
1.20% 15 years / 180 months 60.73€
1.40% 20 years / 240 months 47.80€
2.15% 25 years / 300 months 43.12€

(1) The indicated rates are given for information purposes and are based on the latest bank rates of one or more of our partners. The rates in the table above do not include the ancillary cost as notary fees, guarantees, insurance and intermediation.

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