The right broker

The 10 Steps of the Property Purchase Process

Step 1 – Searching for a property and a mortgage

Are you looking for a property, while at the same time, looking for a loan to
finance this acquisition project? This is an excellent strategy. The search for the
property of your dreams [...]

The possible consequences of Brexit on British investment in France

The United Kingdom’s undefined exit from the European Union still has
unknown consequences in terms of real estate investment. How will British
investment in France evolve with Brexit? Here are some suggestions of what’s to

Diversify your investments more than ever [...]

The 5 Steps of your financing request

Soliciting a mortgage broker to help you get a property loan is the surest way to get the best deal from banking institutions. You can benefit from good guarantees, tailor-made conditions and a reduced interest rate. Let’s detail here the steps to take to build [...]