The right broker

Introduction to home insurance in France

There are two main types of home insurance (assurance habitation) in France:

Civil liability insurance (assurance responsabilité civile), which covers damage to third parties and their property caused by you or your home. Multi-risk insurance (assurance multirisque), which is liability insurance plus protection for your [...]

The role of the Notaire in the buying process

A Notaire is a public officer. Appointed by the Minister of Justice and entrusted by the State as a public servant, a Notaire exercises his or her functions in a liberal context (paid by their clients at a rate which is set by the State [...]

Step 4 – The mortgage offer in France

Once your mortgage application has been approved, the lending bank will send out your mortgage offer, typically via courrier to your home address, or more recently, electronically for a few banks.  A new milestone on the road to the property has been reached, which brings [...]