French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for September 2021

A French Notaire is also a specialist in property valuation

A real estate valuation can help in case of succession, liquidation of community, IFI (Wealth Tax) and tax adjustment. French Notaires rely on different methods and specific tools to provide you with an appraisal report.


French mortgage rates for August 2021

Partial redemption penalties on French mortgages

A borrower can repay partially (or totally their mortgage before the end of the contract) but a fee is sometimes due.

The first thing to consider is the amount of your partial redemption as your mortgage contract may not [...]

French mortgage rates for July 2021

How will your age affect the mortgage duration and rate?

Each French bank has an age limit and you will normally need to repay your mortgage by age 75.

Although a very few French lenders will accept repayment by age 80, the Annual Percentage Rate [...]

French mortgage rates for June 2021

Purchasing a rental property in the Alps is all the rage in 2021

The new build rental market in the Alps did not suffer from the pandemic and new properties prices are up (+ 5.15% on average).

These are 10 reasons why you may [...]

French mortgage rates for May 2021

France borders to reopen on June 9th to international travelers

President Emmanuel Macron laid out a plan for the reopening of France which will allow international travelers to visit the country for the first time in over a year.

All non-EU visitors will be allowed [...]