French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for September 2020

Newly published Usury Rates (Taux d’Usure in French) are not good news for borrowers.

Set up to protect borrowers from possible abuse by banks, the usury rates are published quarterly by the Banque De France and set the maximum authorized rates for loans on the [...]

French mortgage rates for August 2020

Banks have to lend money to make a profit but we have to look back a few years to understand the current situation.

In 2017 and 2018, French banks embarked on a volume war and achieved sufficient number of mortgage files by facilitating the conditions [...]

French mortgage rates for July 2020

In accordance with recommendations made by the European Commission, France is once again open to visitors after lifting all travel restrictions at its internal European borders.

Because of the French banking system is more regionalized than in some other parts of Europe, French lenders are [...]

French mortgage rates for June 2020

France is slowly ending its second phase of the confinement by allowing more businesses to reopen and more people to travel longer distances.

Pushed by the European Central Bank’s recommendations to revive the economy, French banks are encouraged to grant loans in the real estate [...]

French mortgage rates for May 2020

On March 17th, French authorities took the unprecedented decision to confine people in their homes to deal with the COVID 19 epidemic.
The impact on the property market was immediate as estate agents stopped showing properties.

All house visits are delayed until the end [...]