French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for January 2021

Will the New Year 2021 be a “Déjà Vu” of 2020 ?

At the start of 2021, rates are staying at low levels as banks are increasingly relying on mortgages to attract new clients.

Solvent candidates could greatly benefit from this current business strategy while [...]

French mortgage rates for December 2020

What is the impact of the second lockdown on the real estate market?

Last spring, the market was at a complete standstill. Eight months later and with a less strict second confinement, the number of sales agreements fell by 10% in November (against -75% during [...]

French mortgage rates for November 2020

Fasten your seatbelts ! France enters a second lockdown.

While the real estate market will undoubtedly slow down this winter, it is the perfect time to look for a mortgage solution now.

We have seen property prices soar over the last 9 years with a [...]

French mortgage rates for October 2020

French banks are trying to take over the distribution of real estate mortgages from brokers, which represents more than 35% of the production of home loans in January 2020.

According to the French lenders, brokerage intermediation would cost banks too much in the current low [...]

French mortgage rates for September 2020

Newly published Usury Rates (Taux d’Usure in French) are not good news for borrowers.

Set up to protect borrowers from possible abuse by banks, the usury rates are published quarterly by the Banque De France and set the maximum authorized rates for loans on the [...]