French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for July 2022

“Promesse de Vente” (aka «  Preliminary Contract ») or “Compromis de Vente” (aka « Sales Agreement »)

Two contracts with different consequences for the buyer and the seller.

A Preliminary Contract (Promesse De Vente) and a Sales Agreement (Compromis De Vente) are legal documents with very precise obligations [...]

French mortgage rates for June 2022

The lender is refusing to finance your project because your Global Effective Annual Rate is exceeding the Usury Rate !!! Let’s understand what this is all about …

The Usury Rate (aka “Taux d’Usure” in French) was implemented to protect borrowers against excessive mortgage rates [...]

French mortgage rates for May 2022

Quick recap on the French lenders’ risk assessment process

French lenders don’t carry out credit checks on applicants but they base the approval process on your financial situation and indebtment rate. Pragmatism and transparency are key to assess risk in France.

You must pass strict [...]

French mortgage rates for April 2022

Newly published Usury Rates (aka “Taux d’Usure” in French) are out of sync with increasing mortgage rates and closing costs.

This is not good news when purchasing a property in France with a 20 to 25 years mortgage duration.

Implemented to protect borrowers, the usury [...]

French mortgage rates for March 2022

A mortgage life insurance revolution

The French Senate ratifies the termination of your mortgage life insurance at any time and the deletion of the medical questionnaire.

The voted text includes three major changes.

The first consists of authorizing any insured person to terminate their mortgage [...]