French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for June 2020

France is slowly ending its second phase of the confinement by allowing more businesses to reopen and more people to travel longer distances.

Pushed by the European Central Bank’s recommendations to revive the economy, French banks are encouraged to grant loans in the real estate [...]

French mortgage rates for May 2020

On March 17th, French authorities took the unprecedented decision to confine people in their homes to deal with the COVID 19 epidemic.
The impact on the property market was immediate as estate agents stopped showing properties.

All house visits are delayed until the end [...]

French mortgage rates for April 2020

The international mortgage brokers at Private Rate would like to assure you that we remain active and ready to assist you with your French mortgage inquiry while most of the world is going through an unprecedent slowdown during the Covid-19 virus crisis.

Just like our [...]

French mortgage rates for March 2020

For a third straight month now, we are pleased to report that mortgage rates remain unchanged. The conditions continue to be ultra-attractive to finance a project with a EURO mortgage.

With very low mortgage rates, lenders are rigorously applying the recommendation of the HCSF (Haut [...]

French mortgage rates for February 2020

As in the previous month of January, mortgage rates remain low and stable in February 2020. The borrowing conditions are optimal for a real estate project in France.

French lenders are still favoring fixed rate capital repayment financing, but we can secure an alternate revised [...]