French mortgage rate

French mortgage rates for June 2021

Purchasing a rental property in the Alps is all the rage in 2021

The new build rental market in the Alps did not suffer from the pandemic and new properties prices are up (+ 5.15% on average).

These are 10 reasons why you may [...]

French mortgage rates for May 2021

France borders to reopen on June 9th to international travelers

President Emmanuel Macron laid out a plan for the reopening of France which will allow international travelers to visit the country for the first time in over a year.

All non-EU visitors will be allowed [...]

French mortgage rates for April 2021

Newly published Usury Rates (aka “Taux d’Usure” in French) have decreased for the second quarter of 2021.

A lower usury rate is not necessarily good news for profiles considered “at risk” by banks when purchasing a property in France.

Implemented to protect borrowers, the usury [...]

French mortgage rates for March 2021

French banks are increasing their mortgage application fees and customer monthly maintenance charges  

When applying for a mortgage, a French lender will charge you a one-time fee. The amount will vary depending on the mortgage amount and the complexity of the file. You can [...]

French mortgage rates for February 2021

The French property market is an investing haven in these uncertain times

For a long-term investment, the current market conditions are highly suitable to purchase a property in France.

Interest rates look to remain at historically low levels this year French banks are willing [...]