French mortgage rates for July 2021

How will your age affect the mortgage duration and rate?

Each French bank has an age limit and you will normally need to repay your mortgage by age 75.

Although a very few French lenders will accept repayment by age 80, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be significantly higher with the additional senior premium for the mortgage life insurance.  

While limiting the maximum duration of a mortgage has no direct impact on lending rates, it is affecting the amount you can borrow.

The shorter the term the higher the monthly repayment and the mortgage amount is determined by limiting the borrower’s debt to income ratio (DTI) to one third (33%).

You also need to keep in mind that, as you approach retirement age, French banks will also adjust your earnings on a sliding scale to reflect the level of income you will receive from your pension.

Our dedicated team of brokers can help you maximize your current borrowing capacity and review together the efficiency of your financing solution(s) over time.

Current mortgage rates for July 2021

Fixed rate(1)  Term Monthly repayment

for 10 000€ borrowed

1.25% 10 years / 120 months 88.69€
1.30% 15 years / 180 months 61.18€
1.60% 20 years / 240 months 48.72€
2.05% 25 years / 300 months 42.63€

(1) The indicated rates are given for information purposes and are based on the latest bank rates of one or more of our partners. The rates in the table above do not include the ancillary cost as notary fees, guarantees, insurance and intermediation.

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