Step 5 – The deed of sale & signing preparation for purchase of French property

Now that the financing has been validated and you have a home loan to finance all or part of your purchase, the time has come to prepare the signing of the final deed of sale, “l’Acte de Vente”. This authentic act, written by a notary, will allow the final transfer of ownership.

To prepare the signing of the final deed of sale, the notary will collect many documents and check that essential information is mentioned in the contract.

Key events in preparation for signature of the deed of sale for a French property

You must ensure that house insurance has been put in place for the day of signing.  Your mortgage broker can advise on this.  Bring the insurance certificate with you on day of signature or send it to your notaire beforehand.

In addition to the preparation of documents required by both the notary and your banker, it is important that you carry out the last steps that can allow the release of funds. In particular, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds and that your notaire has applied for the release of funds (or call for funds) so that the loan amount is paid into a bank account in the name of the public officer at the notaire’s on the day of the sale (or the days before).  Your personal contribution or down payment will also be requested by the notaire and you must transfer the funds a few days prior to signature.

The entire amount used to finance the purchase (mortgage and personal contribution) must already be in possession of the notary when you sign.

The moment of signature of the deed of sale for your French property

The key moment is the signature. It allows the buyer and the seller to validate their commitment for the last time. This time, when you leave the notary’s office, you will officially be the owner.

In addition to the signature, it is the very symbolic transfer of keys that marks the change of ownership.

The sale then takes effect, and you will receive title to the property acquired in the following months.


The 5 Steps of the Property Purchase Process in France : 

  1. Searching for a property in France and a French real estate loan
  2. The signing of the preliminary sales contract for purchase of French property
  3. The financing request & preparation of the credit file for a French mortgage
  4. The mortgage offer in France
  5. The deed of sale & signing preparation for purchase of French property